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14 February 2024

14 February


Jose and his wife serve exceptional food with great customer service!!! I can't resist a food truck, and their's is an exception, it's Cuban! I don't come acros...
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Herman Diggs

16 December 2023

16 December


Great pork platter, empanadas were amazing, and the plantains were the best. Don't forget their homemade ranch!

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The Lemonade was sooooo delicious and refreshing! They made every single cup fresh and right in front of you. I ordered at least 7 large cups for me, my family, and some for others to spread the joy. My son later came by and I got him an Orange Cream Italian Ice, and it was delicious! They were super friendly and always had a smile, they were just as refreshing as their Lemonade! I hosted an event for over 800 people yesterday, and they were able to serve everyone that wanted… See more

Aixa Maria Haskins
Mar 7, 2022

Very good cuban sandwiches, one is big enough to make a meal out of even on an empty stomach 

James Jackson
Mar 7, 2022

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